STA Travel Limited – In Liquidation

On 5 October 2020, James Douglas Ernle Money and Steven Edward Butt were appointed Joint Liquidators of STA Travel Limited.


If you have been unsuccessful in re-securing your travel arrangements with the travel suppliers, or obtaining a refund from your card provider, ABTA or the CAA, you can register your claim with the Liquidators. Please email for more details.


The case currently has no deadline for submitting claims. Please note that, as things stand, the chance of receiving a dividend is remote.


If you are a customer or former customer of the Company, please note that as Liquidators, we cannot:


  •  process a refund for tickets or bookings you made with STA Travel Limited



  • provide you with details of your booking or the status of your travel arrangements

You can follow the steps in the following link to claim a refund  Customer Contact Options ». Please note that due to the time that has lapsed, your options to claim a refund if you have not done so already, will now be minimal.


Group Bookings


If you are part of a group booking, then it is your lead booker who will have received correspondence and details about how to make a claim. You can follow the steps in the link above to claim a refund.


Making a claim in the liquidation


Making a claim in the liquidation will record the fact that you are (or may be) owed money by the company. It will not progress any potential refund you may be entitled to or potential claim that you may have with organisations listed in the link above.